Skills: Governance, risk management, strategic planning and legal practice

David is an experienced corporate and commercial lawyer who has spent the past decade leading legal and company secretarial functions for a number of Yorkshire based businesses (including most recently CPL Industries and Boparan Holdings (2 Sisters Food Group). He is also a director of the Industry Wide Mine-Workers and Coal Staff pension schemes.

David has been involved with School governance for more than ten years – having joined the Governing Body of Morley High School in 2006 before going on to become the Chair of the GORSE Academies Trust in 2010 (as it grew from one Academy to four secondary schools, one sixth form college, three primary schools and two teaching schools by the time he stepped down as Chair in the Summer of 2017). David remains a member of the GORSE Academies Trust as it continues along its path of measured growth.


Skills: Business Communications, Change Management, Governance and Strategic Planning

Mike is an expert in change management. He has led teams through significant change in the private sector and in education. Mike currently works for Lloyds Banking Group helping to improve customer-colleague interactions through a mix of long term strategic planning and rapid change.

Mike also has 8 years’ experience as a parent governor in the primary sector. He was chair of governors for 3 years, leading the board through a five-year change plan, including transforming the senior leadership team to support a 5-year change plan.

Skills: Change Management, Governance and Programme Planning, Executive and Life Coaching

Nic is an expert in change management. She is an influential senior leader with a capacity to deliver technical change and transformation across the financial and utility sector. She is future focussed, being able to develop sound long-term roadmaps for strategy implementation. A change agent, with a demonstrable track record of solid project and people management skills deployed to empower cross-functional, high performing teams and drive operational excellence.

Recent years have been spent in the anti-money laundering space leading the Lloyds Banking Group Commercial Banking programme.
Nic is extending her leadership and coaching expertise and is now delivering executive and life coaching to empower people for change.

Skills: Accounting & Finance, Leadership and Management, Process Improvement, Strategic Planning

Rabia is an experienced ACCA qualified finance professional with significant experience of developing and leading finance teams in both the commercial and not-for-profit sectors with the ability to interpret complex financial information to range of stakeholders. Rabia was also has experience in education as a Treasurer of primary school in Wales.

Rabia is a well qualified business professional having a MA in International Management. She has a proven track record of process improvement and strategic planning through her career.

Skills: Education (Primary and Secondary), Governance (Primary and Secondary), School Improvement and Inspection

Carlton is an expert in education, governance and school improvement. Following Headship, Carlton was the DFE Lead Regional Adviser for the ‘National Challenge’ in the Yorkshire and Humber region. He was accountable for ensuring schools in special measures were sufficiently challenged to deliver significant improvements in English and Maths, resulting in removal from measures. Carlton is currently School Improvement Partner and Chair of Governors for a range of primary, secondary schools and Northern Education Trust. Carlton also has over 20 years’ experience as an Ofsted Inspector; leading over 40 inspections and acting as team member on over 60.

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